8 tips to survive being pregnant with a toddler

pregnant with a toddler

First, the news…we are pregnant with Baby #2! It’s a very exciting and amazing time in our lives. From the beginning, this pregnancy has been absolutely different than my first in ways that I wasn’t entirely expecting. This article is about tips to survive being pregnant with a toddler. One of the biggest changes with … Read more

10 affordable gifts for daycare friends

gifts for daycare friends

My two-year-old daughter was recently invited to her daycare friend’s 2nd birthday party. I knew that we would go to birthday parties eventually, but I didn’t think the invites would start so young! This article is about affordable gifts for daycare friends. Since my daughter turned two a few months ago, I wrote an article … Read more

What I learned in the first year of marriage

first year of marriage

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on June 26, 2021. To celebrate our first year of marriage, we decided to take a weekend trip to our wedding destination of Moab, Utah. Being back in Moab was pretty nostalgic and very special for both of us. It wasn’t as hurried or stressful as … Read more