How to easily cook with Oryx meat

new mexico oryx hunt

After my husband hunted and shot an Oryx in White Sands, New Mexico, I was introduced to the world of Oryx meat. Prior to this, I had no experience with the taste of or cooking with Oryx meat. It’s considered delicacy meat in New Mexico because hunting Oryx is strictly regulated by a complex draw … Read more

Signs of postpartum anxiety you may not know about

signs of postpartum anxiety

The initial difficulty of postpartum anxiety (PPA) is recognizing that you have it. As a first-time mom, the hours, days, and weeks after childbirth are a blur. It was difficult to recognize signs of postpartum anxiety. During my pregnancy, I was bombarded with so much information by doctors, nurses, family members, coworkers, and the internet. … Read more

Cost to hunt Oryx in New Mexico

new mexico oryx hunt

Hunting is a very popular sport and hobby in New Mexico. There are opportunities to hunt a wide variety of animals in different parts of the state. My husband recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime New Mexico oryx hunt in the southern part of the state. The oryx is considered an exotic species and is not … Read more

Covid outbreak at daycare, how to handle childcare

covid outbreak at daycare

I received the dreadful call the day before Thanksgiving that there was a Covid outbreak at my daughter’s daycare. Her main teacher and several students tested positive. This article is about how to handle a Covid outbreak at daycare. If you receive a call that your child’s daycare has positive cases of Covid, your initial … Read more