12 unique Navajo culture books for children

navajo culture books for children

As a Navajo woman and mom, it’s important for me to teach my daughter about her Native cultural heritage. This can be difficult at times, especially living away from the Navajo reservation. This article is about the best Navajo culture books for children. This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy … Read more

Infant ear infections and chiropractors, what you need to know

chiropractor for ear infections

Infant ear infections are awful. They can be painful for your infant and often require antibiotics to treat. Sometimes, they can reoccur and become persistent. This article is about using a chiropractor for ear infections in infants. My daughter experienced two back to back ear infections when she was approximately eight to nine months old. … Read more

Signs of postpartum anxiety you may not know about

signs of postpartum anxiety

The initial difficulty of postpartum anxiety (PPA) is recognizing that you have it. As a first-time mom, the hours, days, and weeks after childbirth are a blur. It was difficult to recognize signs of postpartum anxiety. During my pregnancy, I was bombarded with so much information by doctors, nurses, family members, coworkers, and the internet. … Read more