Must-have items for your second baby registry list

During my first pregnancy, I found that having a baby registry was extremely helpful. I used it for my baby shower and we also purchased many items from our own registry. There are many baby registry options out there, but I found that Amazon suited our needs during our first pregnancy. Naturally, I am using Amazon again for our second baby registry list.

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Even though I don’t plan to have a formal baby shower with our second baby, I still created a private second baby registry list. Instead of writing everything down or trying to keep a mental list of items for Baby #2, all of the items we need for our next baby are organized and easily accessible on our Amazon registry.

The great thing about having a second baby within a couple of years of your first is that you don’t need much! Fortunately, we saved all of our big-ticket items, including crib, bassinet, stroller, infant car seat, highchair, glider, and changing table. Unfortunately, I gave away a lot of the smaller items we used, so I did have to add these to my second baby registry list.

The great thing about being a second-time mom is that you know what you’re going to use and not use. So, creating my second registry was a breeze.

Here are my must-have items for my second baby registry list.

second baby registry list

1. Fuzzy blanket

With my daughter, we received many different types of blankets, including quilted blankets, wool blankets, receiving blankets, and one fuzzy blanket. In my opinion, the most practical and comforting blanket is a fuzzy blanket. It also happens to still be my daughter’s favorite.

So, for our second baby, I’m getting two fuzzy blankets in different colors.

2. Sleep sacks

I didn’t get a sleep sack for my daughter until she was six months old, and I wish we had gotten one much sooner. This time around, I am getting the Halo newborn swaddle sleep sack and another infant sleep sack. My daughter loved her sleep sacks so much that she slept in them until she transitioned to her twin bed.

3. White noise machine

When my cousin was pregnant with her baby, I gave our white noise machines to her. Now, we are getting a second set for baby #2. These were definitely a priority on our second baby registry list.

In her first six months, my daughter slept in a bassinet right next to our bed. We used the white noise machine every single night. It helped her sleep and, surprisingly, it also helped us sleep better too.

4. Bottle warmer

For our daughter, we had an amazing Tommee Tippee bottle warmer and it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact same one on Amazon, so we will be purchasing another bottle warmer from the Tommee Tippee brand.

We stopped using a bottle warmer with our daughter around 3-4 months because, by then, she was mostly formula-fed and totally fine with room temperature water. With this baby, I’m not sure how long we will use a warmer, so I didn’t want to spend more than $25 on one.

5. Burp cloths

Burp cloths are so essential for life with a newborn. Honestly, any type of cloth will do, but I’m sure your baby will thank you for getting a soft, comforting one. With our daughter, we had really nice Burt’s Bee’s burp cloths and those worked pretty well. This time, we are purchasing a similar, non-brand name set.

6. Bottle drying rack and bottle brush

This bottle drying rack is pretty awesome and lasted throughout my daughter’s first year until she weaned from the bottle. Also, the Oxo bottle brush is more pricey than others but well worth it. We love this bottle brush.

7. Baby bottle labels

Bottle labels are always pretty helpful. Our current daycare doesn’t label any items, so I knew that we would need these for Baby #2. Since this Amazon set comes with more than 60 labels, I’m also going to use it for my toddler’s cups at daycare.

8. Nursing pillow and cover

If you’re planning to breastfeed, a nursing pillow is pretty essential. Even when your baby is a newborn, he or she can get pretty heavy when you’re holding them in a certain position for a while.

For my daughter, I bought a nursing cover that doubled as a car seat carrier cover. Although I liked it as a carrier cover, I didn’t like having to put so much fabric over my head every time I nursed. It also got very warm, especially in the summer. So, this time, I’m getting a nursing cover that has a neck strap.

9. Diaper bag

Getting a new diaper bag is a well-deserved splurge. Technically, my daughter’s diaper bag is still in good working condition, but we’ve used it for over two years now. I’m just ready for a new one.

10. Changing pad liners

These Munchkin changing pad liners saved me when my daughter was a newborn. With her, we used the changing pad, which we covered with a changing pad sheet, then topped with this liner. For Baby #2, we will be using the same changing pad with this liner only.

There’s no need to buy full changing pad sheets because they will be in the laundry constantly. Plus, these liners are way less expensive than changing pad sheets.

11. Disposable diaper bags

These disposable diaper bags are lifesavers. I always have one in the diaper bag and in the car at all times. When you’re out and about without an available trash can, these diaper bags contain the smell very well. We also use them when we’re visiting family and friends so that we don’t stink up their trash cans.

These disposable diaper bags were definitely a no-brainer on our second baby registry list.

12. Sit-up activity center

Since we gave away our daughter’s sit-up activity center, I needed a replacement for our second baby registry list. This time, I chose a 3-in-1 activity center that converts to an activity table once your baby outgrows the seated position.

13. Bath bather

We are purchasing the exact same infant bather we used for our daughter. It’s simple, convenient, easy-to-maneuver, and less than $20. Between baths, you can hang it up on a hook so that it air dries.

I wouldn’t buy an expensive bather because most babies will be able to sit up and take a bath without a bather around six to seven months old.

14. Towel and wash cloths

I found out with my daughter that the towels that come in layette sets are pretty thin and scratchy. In fact, most infant towel sets are pretty thin. So, we are opting to purchase one thick, plush baby towel and a set of soft wash cloths for Baby #2.

15. Add-on camera for baby monitor

We were wondering if we should stop all video monitor use for our two-year-old, but decided against it as it comes in handy all the time. Apparently, most parents don’t stop video monitor use until age 4. (Source) Fortunately, we have a video baby monitor that is capable of monitoring from two different cameras, so we are purchasing an add-on camera for Baby #2.

I can’t say enough about the Infant Optics DXR-8 video monitor. It’s very easy to use and we’ve had zero problems with it for over two years and counting.

16. NoseFrida nasal aspirator

So many people told me to buy the NoseFrida for my daughter, but I refused to spend the $16 for months. When I finally broke down and purchased it, I wished I had bought it sooner. This nasal aspirator works so much better than the blue hospital aspirator bulbs, so it’s definitely on our second baby registry list.

17. Boppy lounger

My daughter loved the Boppy lounger, so we’re hoping Baby #2 will love it too. Since my daughter had infant reflux for several months, this lounger’s slight incline helped her out a lot. If you want to save a little, you can also use the Boppy nursing pillow to prop up the baby.

18. Baby bouncer

This is another item that I didn’t purchase until my daughter was well beyond the newborn stage. We found out that she really liked the bouncer at daycare, so we purchased a very simple Fisher Price bouncer for her. It worked so well that we’ll be purchasing the exact same bouncer for Baby #2.

19. Infantino 4-in-1 carrier

When our daughter was born, we purchased the Infantino carrier and the famous Moby wrap. I used the carrier almost exclusively. With the Moby wrap, I didn’t like having to hold my daughter in place while trying to tie the wrap in the correct position. I thought it was pretty easy to get an infant in and out of the Infantino carrier, plus it’s budget-friendly.

20. Infant gym and toys

Tummy time is pretty important for infants, so we’re definitely going to get an infant gym. This time, we’re going to try out the Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano. It seemed really popular with parents during my last pregnancy and has amazing reviews on Amazon.

Other classics that we are repurchasing are the Manhattan sensory rattle and Freddie the Firefly.

Must-have second baby registry list

second baby registry list

There you have it, that’s everything on my must-have Amazon second baby registry list! You might wonder why there aren’t any clothes, bottles, or diapers on this list.

I’ll purchase a few clothing items after we find out the gender and once I get an idea of the size of the baby. With my daughter, she was in newborn clothes for exactly one week, so it didn’t benefit us to purchase so many newborn sets.

I also made the mistake of purchasing an entire bottle set prior to my daughter’s birth and she wouldn’t drink her milk out of those bottles! We ended up experimenting a bit before finding a brand that she liked.

Diapers are a given, so I didn’t add them to my second baby registry list. I tend to gravitate toward Target’s diaper sales because they offer gift cards after you spend a certain amount.

Let me know what else you would add to your second baby registry list!

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