Losing motivation to blog after 10 months

losing motivation to blog

Native Mommy Lawyer hit its 10 month-versary on September 29, 2021. Even though Native Mommy Lawyer is doing better than ever, I hardly noticed this 10-month milestone. Unfortunately, the topic of this article and update is losing motivation to blog. I never thought I would be in this place of losing motivation to blog. Even … Read more

Interesting first and second pregnancy differences

differences between first and second pregnancy

Overall, I had a great first pregnancy with my daughter. The first and second trimesters were fairly symptom-free. My third trimester was a little rough and seemed to last forever, but I got through it. My second pregnancy has been very different. This article is about first and second pregnancy differences. During my first pregnancy, … Read more

Easy alternatives to a double stroller

alternatives to a double stroller

Even though we will have a toddler and a newborn in early 2022, I have decided not to purchase a double stroller. I’m not against double strollers at all, but it doesn’t seem like the best fit for our current lifestyle. This article is about easy alternatives to a double stroller. When I first brought … Read more

Getting Amazon affiliate sales on a new blog

Amazon affiliate sales

Nine months ago, I started my blog Native Mommy Lawyer. Every month, I share an update to document the first year of my blogging journey. This month, I am super happy to share that I made my very first Amazon affiliate sales! It’s very exciting because I thought it would never happen. My journey to … Read more

8 tips to survive being pregnant with a toddler

pregnant with a toddler

First, the news…we are pregnant with Baby #2! It’s a very exciting and amazing time in our lives. From the beginning, this pregnancy has been absolutely different than my first in ways that I wasn’t entirely expecting. This article is about tips to survive being pregnant with a toddler. One of the biggest changes with … Read more