Holy cow, I did it! One year of blogging!

one year of blogging

Howdy, everyone! I’m a little behind on this one-year anniversary post, okay, approximately two months behind. But it’s better late than never, right? So, I completed one year of blogging on November 29, 2021! Yayyyy!  As I was trying to figure out why my Google Adsense ads completely disappeared for the past few days, I … Read more

Chugging along after 11 months of blogging

11 months of blogging

I’m not really sure that the title of this article matches my progress on the blog in the past month. Let’s just say that Native Mommy Lawyer itself has been chugging along without its owner lately. We’ve accomplished 11 months of blogging even though I didn’t do much writing or much of anything on the … Read more

Losing motivation to blog after 10 months

losing motivation to blog

Native Mommy Lawyer hit its 10 month-versary on September 29, 2021. Even though Native Mommy Lawyer is doing better than ever, I hardly noticed this 10-month milestone. Unfortunately, the topic of this article and update is losing motivation to blog. I never thought I would be in this place of losing motivation to blog. Even … Read more

Interesting first and second pregnancy differences

differences between first and second pregnancy

Overall, I had a great first pregnancy with my daughter. The first and second trimesters were fairly symptom-free. My third trimester was a little rough and seemed to last forever, but I got through it. My second pregnancy has been very different. This article is about first and second pregnancy differences. During my first pregnancy, … Read more

Easy alternatives to a double stroller

alternatives to a double stroller

Even though we will have a toddler and a newborn in early 2022, I have decided not to purchase a double stroller. I’m not against double strollers at all, but it doesn’t seem like the best fit for our current lifestyle. This article is about easy alternatives to a double stroller. When I first brought … Read more