Chugging along after 11 months of blogging

I’m not really sure that the title of this article matches my progress on the blog in the past month. Let’s just say that Native Mommy Lawyer itself has been chugging along without its owner lately. We’ve accomplished 11 months of blogging even though I didn’t do much writing or much of anything on the blog this past month!

Despite the fact that my blog has been on autopilot, I’m happy to report that numbers are steadily increasing. So far, with a couple of days left in October 2021, the blog has had an increase of users and page views by 20% from the prior month. Woo hoo! This is great news for me because I only posted 1 article in October.

In addition, my Google Adsense revenue and Amazon affiliate sales have increased slightly this month. My conversion rate as an Amazon affiliate associate is 18.67% for October, which seems pretty good. Although I’m not earning much money after 11 months of blogging, I’m getting closer and closer to the breakeven point to offset the blog’s operating expenses. To me, that’s a win of some sort!

If you’re interested in reading prior monthly updates from my blogging experience as a brand new blogger, I’ve linked them below.

When will I have time?

11 months of blogging

This is the age-old question, when will I have the time and energy to devote to this blog? I know this is spillover content from my last update, but seriously, I am having trouble in the time and motivation department.

My life is as busy as ever, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. I’m a mom of a toddler (soon to be two children), a wife, and a career woman. My husband and I both work full-time. When we are not working, most of our free and leisure time is devoted to family and our daughter.

In the midst of these various roles, I’ve felt the need to explore my own childhood emotional neglect with a therapist. That process has been a long emotional journey with no ending in sight, but I can’t underestimate the reward of continuing to do this personal work. So, it remains a priority in my life.

As I am slowly gaining experience in my new supervisory position at work, I am starting to notice a reduction in stress after work and on the weekends. Instead of trying to recover from work during my free time, I am slowly getting back into and enjoying life as I should. I’m strongly hoping that this will mean having more stress-free time to work on my blog.

What I foresee

I never saw myself as a get-rich-quick type of blogger. Although that would have been nice and it seems to happen for some, that wasn’t my luck and experience in my blogging journey. I am completely okay with that because I have learned so much in the past 11 months of blogging.

I am extremely grateful for the slow and steady progress that I have been making. It’s a huge relief to see that, even though I haven’t posted much this month, my stats are increasing. Generally, I’m seeing 20-40% gains from prior months on most metrics, including page views, users, sessions, ad revenue, and affiliate revenue.

If the blog can continue to follow that slow, upward trajectory for the next year or so, that would be hugely successful in my eyes.

Goals after 11 months of blogging

11 months of blogging

Given my current lack of motivation and drive to write for this blog, I’ve decided to come up with some workable goals that make sense.

  • If I’m not going to write articles on a regular basis, I might as well go back and update some older articles in hopes that they will pick up traction with Google rankings.
  • Don’t worry so much about what direction my blog is taking, but write for the sake of the enjoyment of writing and sharing with the internet.
  • Recoup my operating expenses, which are essentially domain and hosting fees. After a few months of non-use, I ended my Canva Pro subscription, which is saving me $12.99 per month.
  • I will celebrate once I write 100 articles for the blog, whenever that may be!

To end this article, I thought I would reference a motivation article for blogging that is a nice, easy read with lots of practical tips to help when you’re lacking motivation and insight.

Thank you for reading about my 11 months of blogging and until next time!

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