Losing motivation to blog after 10 months

Native Mommy Lawyer hit its 10 month-versary on September 29, 2021. Even though Native Mommy Lawyer is doing better than ever, I hardly noticed this 10-month milestone. Unfortunately, the topic of this article and update is losing motivation to blog.

I never thought I would be in this place of losing motivation to blog. Even before I started Native Mommy Lawyer, the idea of writing and sharing blog posts with the world via the internet was a dream. Despite all of the uncertainty and pain it caused, the Covid-19 pandemic was a unique blessing in that I finally had the time to follow through with this dream.

Up until this month, I have been on a roll with content creation, updating my Pinterest account, maintaining the blog, listening to blog podcasts, and everything else related to Native Mommy Lawyer. And it has been a blast! I was constantly learning and creating content. In month 9, I finally started seeing traction with Amazon affiliate sales and ad revenue.

Overall, the blog has been doing great for a site created by a newbie with zero experience. So what happened? How did I get to this place of losing motivation to blog? I’ll tell you how I found myself in this predicament and my plans for the future.

If you want to read other monthly updates in my one-year beginner blog series, I’ve linked them for you below.

Life happened…a lot

I started this blog during a pretty strict lockdown in New Mexico. In November 2020, it was cold and flu season, Covid-19 cases were peaking, hospitals were dangerously full, and the vaccine was not yet available. So, we were at home A LOT and life was pretty slow.

Fast forward 10 months and our lives have changed quite a bit again! New Mexico lifted most of its pandemic restrictions in July 2021. Suddenly, we were out and about again, doing things we hadn’t done in more than a year. Although doing more ‘things’ created lots of content ideas, I was finding myself with less time to actually sit down and write.

losing motivation to blog

Then, two things happened within a 24 hour period that changed many things for me and my family. First, I found out I was pregnant with Baby #2! Then, I received a call that I got a supervisory promotion at work. I was truly elated because both are huge, huge blessings.

Naturally, pregnancy and a new job, in addition to being a mom to my toddler, have taken up most of my time in the past two months.

Finding the time and making priorities

In a prior blog update, I wrote about publishing schedules and writing blog posts to publish at regular intervals. This practice saved me for a bit. Despite my new job, pregnancy exhaustion, and taking care of my toddler, I stuck with my publishing schedule for a solid two months!

Then, the business of life caught up, and the day came when I couldn’t meet my own publishing schedule. Although I was trying, I wasn’t in the right headspace for content creation. I would start to write an article, then couldn’t finish it. Or I would second guess the topic and move on to another one. I felt like a mess.

losing motivation to blog

I’ve had to be very realistic about my goals and what I’m able to accomplish in this season of my life. No, I will not be able to publish content every 4 or 5 days like I originally intended and was doing. It might not even be possible for me to publish once a week. Emotionally, I have come to accept that.

Right now, my main priorities are having a healthy baby, taking care of my family, and learning my new job. When I can find the time in my busy schedule, I will write and create content. It’s as simple as that. My blog may not be the number one priority, but it is still a priority.

What direction do I take?

A large reason I am losing motivation to blog is that I am at a crossroad regarding content and direction. When I started Native Mommy Lawyer, I chose the name because it represented me and who I am. I would describe myself as a Native American mother and lawyer. My intent was for it to be a lifestyle and motherhood blog.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a content plan at all, which was probably a major mistake. I wrote articles based on what was happening in my life at the time and what interested me. This resulted in the blog becoming very heavy in the toddler parenting niche. I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing, I just don’t know where to go from here? 

losing motivation to blog

I would like to write more in regard to my recovery from childhood emotional neglect. This has been an ongoing journey in my life for about a year now. It’s hard, but it’s also incredible and the rewards are endless. My main concern in writing about this journey is maintaining a cohesive blog that makes sense.

I’ve considered creating a second blog dedicated to my journey of emotional and spiritual recovery from alcoholism, childhood emotional neglect, and complex PTSD. I’m not sure that I want to do that, though. If I can barely find the time for Native Mommy Lawyer, how would I find the time for a second blog? I have to be real with myself.

In any event, I know that it will come together, even if I don’t know how at the moment. My plan is to maintain this blog as a priority. I am not giving up and not letting go of it. I will continue to maintain it, and that’s that.

Losing motivation to blog after 10 months

When I started this blog, I read an article that most bloggers fail or give up within the first three or six months. As I passed those three and six-month milestones, I thought I would always have the motivation to blog, no matter what.

Losing motivation to blog has been difficult for me, especially since Native Mommy Lawyer is a great source of pride, creativity, and authenticity. I hope this article and update resonated with you and helped in some way along your blogging journey.

I know it’s not always easy. Here is a great article on How to Stay Motivated as a Blogger. It contains additional tips and advice from a long-term blogger and productivity coach. Until next time…

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