A helpful list of toddler transitions for two year olds

My daughter is currently 22 months old and we are in the midst of a few transitions. My daughter recently moved to a big kid bed and that was a big deal. Soon, we will be starting to potty train. This article is a list of transitions for two year olds.

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As we approach the two-year mark, I’m surprised by how many transitions these toddlers go through. Things like potty training, moving out of the crib, learning how to use a cup, and so much more!

For toddlers who are cemented and secure in their routines, going through any transition can be overwhelming and exhausting.

As a parent, I will admit there is a lot of change around the two year mark and it does require a lot of parental effort and involvement. Sometimes, it can be daunting and tiring for parents too.

So, here are common transitions for two year olds, in no particular order.

1. Moving to a big kid bed

We went through this transition a few weeks ago to prepare for potty training. My daughter transitioned from her crib to a twin-size bed.

As a toddler who only knew the comfort and security of the crib, the first couple of days of this transition were rough.

It took about a week for her to be comfortable in her new bed. A few weeks later, she is definitely loving and sleeping well in her new bed.

2. Potty training

This is one of the biggest toddler transitions for two year olds. It’s a transition that probably scares parents more than toddlers. 

Potty training requires preparation and commitment. This is the first time we are actively teaching our toddler a life tool and she is actively learning from us.

To make this a smoother transition, we bought Oh Crap! Potty Training because my husband and I didn’t know a single thing about potty training.

Check out the book on Amazon (click image).

3. Moving to two-year-old room at daycare

transitions for two year olds

The infant room at my daughter’s daycare is 3 months to 2 years old, so she has been in the same room with the same teacher since 6 months old.

Since she has been thriving in the infant room, I can’t help but wonder what this transition will have in store for us. It could be very smooth or it could be a rough couple of weeks. I’m hoping that it’s smooth but it’s definitely a big change.

4. Weaning from sippy cup

Most parents wean from the sippy cup and transition to a regular drinking cup between two and three years old. (Source)

It’s important to make this transition as long-term use of a sippy cup can cause tooth decay and affect tongue positioning and speech articulation.

Luckily, your toddler might make this transition on their own by naturally being interested in a regular cup.

Our toddler does have an interest in a regular drinking cup but is still using a sippy cup as her main drinking vessel. We are slowly starting to practice with small toddler cups.

The Munchkin Splash cups with training lids are pretty amazing. Also, any cups that are small enough for a toddler’s hands are helpful too.

5. Two year old molars

My daughter has been especially cranky and irritable lately and all signs lead to teething. When she opened her mouth wide enough, I saw half of a new molar coming in.

Toddlers will get their second set of molars around 2 years old, which can bring back some uncomfortable teething symptoms.

Around a year old, my daughter got her 4 canines and her first set of molars all around the same time. It was brutal for a few weeks.

6. New sibling

transitions for two year olds

Two years old is around the age where many toddlers get a new sibling. Getting a new member of the family is a big deal for a toddler.

Up until this point, they may be used to getting most of the attention at home, especially if they were an only child.

A toddler will have to transition to parents splitting time between two children. They may also experience new feelings as part of this transition.

Along with this big transition, parents usually move their toddler out of the crib so the new baby can have a place to sleep. Many parents recommend that moving a toddler out of a crib to prepare for a new baby should take place a few months before the baby is born.

These are big transitions for two year olds to handle.

7. Wearing a mask

In the midst of a global pandemic, I also have to think about getting my daughter to wear a mask when she turns two.

The official CDC recommendation is that children should wear masks at 2 years old. (Source) My particular state also has a statewide mask mandate. It’s anyone’s guess how long mask mandates will be in place. Could it be a permanent fixture in our society?

Some toddlers may be more compliant than others. The few times we tried to put a mask on my toddler, it did not go over well.

My main worry is that we are flying to visit my husband’s family in another state right after my toddler turns two, so she’ll have to wear a mask on the flight.

8. Temper tantrums

Temper tantrums are a part of normal toddler development. They usually happen between the ages of 1 to 3. (Source) For most, the bulk of the temper tantrum phase is around two years old.

Throwing a tantrum is a way for toddlers to express anger and frustration given their limited ability to express themselves verbally.

This transition can last quite some time, much longer than all the transitions listed above. In speaking with friends and family members, toddlers will start to ease out of this transition around 3 years old.

Final thoughts on transitions for two year olds

transitions for two year olds

I always wondered what people meant by “terrible twos.” Now that my toddler is about to turn two and I see the large number of transitions she will make this year, I realize two-year-olds have a lot on their plates.

As a parent, helping to prepare and ease these transitions is my duty at the moment. Even though I can’t take away the pain of her molars coming in or her own internal discomfort during a temper tantrum, I can be present to comfort and guide her along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this article on transitions for two year olds. What are some other transitions that two years old normally go through?

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