My experience with sound healing therapy and its benefits

At the beginning of this year, I had no clue that I would end up in sound healing therapy. When life throws things your way, it’s best to fully embrace them.

The story of how I got into sound healing therapy is actually kind of serendipitous. The events leading up to it make me think that I was always meant to do this.

I’m no stranger to alternative healing techniques. I’ve tried many modalities like reiki, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, and yoga.

About six or seven years ago, I participated in a crystal sound bath a few times. It was definitely strange and new to me. There were a lot of random people (myself included) lying in a room while a person created vibrations and frequencies with crystal bowls.

It was pretty interesting but I stopped going after a few sessions. I didn’t think about this experience too much until this year.

Finding my sound healing therapist

Since the Covid pandemic created a lot of anxiety and depression in me toward the end of 2020, I started therapy and decided to get into acupuncture and massage. I was set on taking care of myself during this time.

After I got my first massage, I noticed that ‘reiki’ was on the service menu at the massage therapist’s office. So, I asked about it.

I was then referred for a reiki session. At my reiki session, which went well, the therapist told me that she practiced sound healing therapy and recommended it for me.

sound healing therapy

At the time, I was feeling pretty low, so I agreed.

What is sound healing therapy?

Sound healing uses vibrations and frequencies from various instruments to relax your mind and body. (Source

Emotions carry different frequencies within our bodies. Sound healing can raise lower frequencies associated with anger and stress and raise them to higher, better feeling frequencies.

As my sound healing therapist explained to me, sound healing can remove energetic blockages from our energy bodies and accelerate healing. She says it’s always best to use it in conjunction with talk therapy.

We talk prior to a session so she can get an idea of what is going on in my life. Then she connects to my energy and starts sound healing. She uses a variety of tools to create the frequencies, including bowls, tuning forks, drums, and a gong.

sound healing therapy

Benefits of sound healing therapy and my experience

There are many benefits of sound healing therapy, including profound mind and body relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced blood pressure, and increased mental clarity.

My therapist said that I might start crying during a session as energetic blockages are released. I have not cried during a session but I have had some pretty miraculous things happen after sound healing.

Intense relaxation

First of all, the mind and body relaxation during a session is intense. Each session lasts around 50 minutes but it goes by at light speed. A few times, my therapist woke me up at the end. I don’t think I was fully sleeping but I was in this deep, comforting trance-like state.

Emotional changes

I started to notice emotional benefits about three to four weeks into sound healing. Initially, I did one session every week for four weeks, then I started going every other week after that.

I felt more open and vulnerable in my relationship with my husband. I ended up sharing more feelings with him that brought us closer and helped him to understand me more. Although I felt pretty open with him before, this was like an inner door had nudged slightly ajar and revealed another layer of myself.

It feels very scary sometimes to peel away the layers of the onion but it’s getting me closer to my true, genuine self, or my higher self.

Core beliefs

After a month of sound healing, I found myself questioning some inner beliefs that were no longer serving me in my life. I had no clue these beliefs were running my life. They started bubbling to the surface because my body no longer needed them.

It felt like a true lightbulb moment. I was able to see how these negative beliefs affected my perception and way of thinking and I could start to release them.

Physical changes

Before sound healing therapy, I always had problems with my lower back. It wasn’t bad but there was enough pain from time to time for me to go see a chiropractor. It felt like there was a knot in my lower back that didn’t go away no matter what I did.

Well, that all changed with sound healing therapy. During one session, my therapist used tuning forks to send vibrations through my lower back. She told me she had sensed that there was energy attached to it that didn’t belong there.

Later that day after the session, I bent over to pick up a bag and I tweaked my lower back! And I was in pain! I remember thinking…this must be good. If there was stuck energy in there, then my body needs to adjust.

Well, I was in pain for the rest of the evening and went to sleep. The next morning, I felt no lower back pain whatsoever and I haven’t felt any pain since. It’s mindblowing.

How long should you attend sound healing therapy?

sound healing therapy

My sound healing therapist says that some people go once and never return. Others may feel that their healing is complete after four sessions.

Some, like me, attend for months, which is perfectly okay.

Final thoughts on sound healing therapy

I am truly grateful for finding sound healing therapy. In fact, it found me. If you’re on any type of healing or spiritual journey, sound healing has very intense and profound benefits. It’s a great alternative healing therapy.

If sound healing comes into your life effortlessly, then embrace it and enjoy the healing!

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