Best sesame street toys for toddlers under two

My toddler is obsessed with Sesame Street and everything related to Elmo and Abby. At 20 months old, she can rattle off all the names of the characters. Now, I didn’t watch Sesame Street growing up, so this is all new to me. In fact, I’ve started to enjoy watching it with my toddler and learning about random, interesting subjects. This article outlines the best Sesame Street toys for toddlers under two years old.

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When we first started letting our toddler watch TV, I chose age-appropriate shows like Little Baby Bum, Cocomelon, and Blippi. For some reason, she cried while watching Blippi and didn’t like Little Baby Bum at all. I have to admit, all the singing on Little Baby Bum with the subtitles can be a bit much for thirty minutes straight. Or was that Cocomelon? I can’t get it straight.

Enter Sesame Street. I enjoy Sesame Street for my toddler because it has educational value and teaches children about real world situations and experiences. Sesame Street has been around for a very long time. The first show aired in November 1969, so the show is over fifty years old and has become an institution in the early lives of American children.

So, what about Sesame Street toys? I can tell you that my daughter’s face absolutely lights up when she sees her Sesame street toys. She has to sleep with her Elmo plush dolls every single night. She will scream “Elmo!” if she realizes that one of the dolls is missing. She will enjoy any toy that has the Sesame Street brand on it but I’ve compiled a list of the best Sesame Street toys for toddlers under two.

Elmo plush doll

Every little Elmo fan needs a plush doll. This is an absolute must-have for your Sesame Street lover. These dolls are soft, fun to play with, and comforting for toddlers under two. My daughter often sits with her doll while watching Sesame Street.

There is also the Singing ABCs Elmo plush doll. This doll sings the ABC’s in English and Spanish.  My daughter got this for Christmas and really enjoys it. The only thing we didn’t like is the sound level is nonadjustable and it’s quite loud. Since my daughter sleeps with this plush doll, we took out the sound machine.

Sesame street figure sets for toddlers

These figurine sets are classics. There was a pretty long period where we didn’t purchase any new toys for my daughter. When I started to look for decent, solid toys, these figurines were at the top of my list.

I purchased the deluxe Sesame Street set, which comes with eleven, 2.5-inch tall, hard plastic characters. All the popular characters came with this set plus a few that I didn’t know, like Gonger. My mom unknowingly purchased the five character set for Christmas, so we use that set for bath time.

The figurines are surprisingly durable for the cost. So far, all of my daughter’s characters are still intact. They are great outdoor, indoor, bathtime, or car ride toys. They encourage imaginative play and language skills. My daughter usually carries them around in a bucket and will line them up and name them.

Sesame street book set for toddlers

This Sesame Street book set is age-appropriate for a toddler under two years old. Sometimes, it can be difficult to engage toddlers in books, especially if the text is too simple or, worse, way too long.

My daughter’s attention span is approximately one sentence per page. She will look at the images and take in a simple, short idea or concept before she wants to turn the page again. I find that she is very engaged with this book set.

We also have the Sesame Street P is for Potty book. I’m waiting to pull this book out until we start to explore potty training but it does look engaging and informative. It also has a ton of lift-the-flap features.

Elmo costume and apparel

My daughter was the cutest little Elmo for Halloween. She went to daycare in her Elmo costume and wore it the entire day. She was very pleased when she saw herself in the mirror. Even after Halloween, she wanted to wear the headpiece around the house, which was adorable.

Toddlers will go nuts for Sesame Street accessories like socks, hats, and underwear. Toddler Elmo slippers are also very nice.

Sesame street calendar

My whole family knows about my daughter’s Sesame Street obsession, so my brother bought this Sesame Street calendar for Christmas. It might be a little too early for her to start learning about the concepts of days, months, and years. In fact, she thought the calendar was a book and was really upset when I put it on the wall in her bedroom.

But I do think it’s a great start for her to begin engaging in these concepts with her favorite characters. Every month has a different character with a saying on it.

Sesame street storytelling blocks

We do not have this set but it’s something I would consider purchasing if we didn’t already have a set of blocks. I mean, there has to be a limit on the number of toys you get a kid, right? These look great because they encourage creative thinking, self-expression, and imaginative play.

I also didn’t know that Mega Bloks has a Sesame Street edition, wow! My daughter loves her Mega Bloks set, so a little Sesame Street fan would surely adore this set. 

Final thoughts on sesame street toys for toddlers

If you had told me two years ago that I would be surrounded by everything Sesame Street, I would not have believed you. I enjoy Sesame Street for my toddler. Personally, I enjoy doing research on toys and finding items that are going to add learning value and not clutter up the house too much. So I hope you enjoyed this list of best Sesame Street toys for toddlers under two years old.

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