6 reasons why photography mini sessions are fantastic

There is so much hype around photography mini sessions and it’s all real. Mini sessions are a shorter, smaller, and cheaper version of a full photography session. This article covers all the reasons why photography mini sessions are fantastic.

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If you’re a mom like me, you definitely want to capture all the sweet moments with your growing family but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on photography fees.

Taking family photos is important. These are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and passed down through many generations.

Since my photography skills are less than stellar, I rely on a professional photographer to take our family photos. Luckily, our photographer offers a series of mini-sessions throughout the year.

These are the reasons why I choose mini-sessions over full photography sessions.

1. More affordable

A typical photography mini-session is going to cost at least 50% less than a regular session, which is amazing. My photographer’s mini session prices have increased over the years as they’ve become more popular but they are still affordable.

photography mini sessions
20 weeks pregnant with our daughter

When I started purchasing mini sessions before my daughter was born, they were $55 per session. Currently, I can expect to pay around $100 for a mini session. That’s significantly less expensive than a full photoshoot, which can cost upwards of $200-$300.

2. Fewer photos are more

At a typical full-priced photo session, you may get 100 or more fully edited digital photos. That’s wonderful if you want that many photos, but who really wants that many pictures of one moment?

We did a full photoshoot for my daughter’s newborn session. The photos were absolutely gorgeous and amazing but, realistically, I framed about 10 of them in a collage photo frame and used a few for birth announcements and a baby memory book.

photography mini sessions
My baby at her newborn session

Our photographer’s mini sessions come with a minimum of 10 fully edited digital photos with print and share rights. Usually, we get about 20-25 after the shoot. I find this amount to be perfect. You can frame a few and send some to family. You’re not left with dozens of photos that you may never frame or use.

Check out Amazon for collage frames.

3. Seasonal options

The great thing about photo mini sessions is that photographers normally offer seasonal themes, like Valentine’s Day, First Day of School, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Fall, and Christmas. 

photography mini sessions
Baby’s First Christmas

Each session will have a unique setup and props for the theme and you can create some pretty amazing gifts with the photos. Sometimes our photographer even offers photo sessions with live bunnies and chicks.

When we did the Christmas session one year, we used the prints to create holiday cards for the family. You can also create ornaments. The possibilities are endless.

4. Shorter session

Mini sessions with our photographer last 20 minutes, that’s it! Usually, the drive to the session is longer than the actual session and that is perfectly okay with me.

Shorter sessions are perfect for children because they don’t want to sit through dozens of poses for an hour or more. 

photography mini sessions
At our Fall Fun mini session

My daughter is under two years old and she has done fantastic at our mini sessions because they go by so quickly and we end up with great photos.

5. Reduced processing time

Since a photographer is not editing hundreds of photos for a full session, I find that the processing turnaround time is much shorter than a full session.

Normally, with a full session, I can expect to wait a few weeks to get our photos. With a mini session, I’ve received them as quickly as several days but usually no longer than a week and a half.

This is great if you’re on a time crunch for any reason.

6. Low commitment

Generally, when I think about full photo sessions, I have to think about the day, the time, and the hours to get the whole family ready. With a full photo session, you might worry about your children, snacks, beverages, and getting through the event. With a full photo session, it is kind of an event.

When I was a kid, my family did the full-blown photo session when we were all very young. After that, we didn’t get professional family photos again until high school. With four kids, getting professional photos done is a commitment.

When the commitment is low, you’re more likely to be consistent with professional photography, especially with children. My goal with mini sessions is to do at least one per year and, so far, we are on track. They have been easy and fun for us.

Final thoughts on photography mini sessions

I hope this article answered all of your questions on why photography mini sessions are amazing. They are generally shorter, cheaper, faster, and easier. For us, they are low commitment, which helps us to go back year after year to capture all the moments.

What are other reasons you enjoy photography mini sessions?

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