Breaking down expenses for a child support worksheet

child support worksheet

I get this question all the time for child support. What expenses go into a child support worksheet? How will it affect the outcome? First, guideline worksheets and child support calculations vary from state to state. In New Mexico, the state legislature is responsible for passing child support statutes into law. These statutes outline the … Read more

How to easily cook with Oryx meat

new mexico oryx hunt

After my husband hunted and shot an Oryx in White Sands, New Mexico, I was introduced to the world of Oryx meat. Prior to this, I had no experience with the taste of or cooking with Oryx meat. It’s considered delicacy meat in New Mexico because hunting Oryx is strictly regulated by a complex draw … Read more

Calculating child support when you don’t have an income

child support calculation

What happens with a child support calculation when you don’t have an income? Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in this predicament. You may wonder, how will the Court handle this matter? Will my income be imputed? If so, how will it be imputed? Will the Court issue a bench warrant? With unemployment rates soaring these … Read more

Signs of postpartum anxiety you may not know about

signs of postpartum anxiety

The initial difficulty of postpartum anxiety (PPA) is recognizing that you have it. As a first-time mom, the hours, days, and weeks after childbirth are a blur. It was difficult to recognize signs of postpartum anxiety. During my pregnancy, I was bombarded with so much information by doctors, nurses, family members, coworkers, and the internet. … Read more

Cost to hunt Oryx in New Mexico

new mexico oryx hunt

Hunting is a very popular sport and hobby in New Mexico. There are opportunities to hunt a wide variety of animals in different parts of the state. My husband recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime New Mexico oryx hunt in the southern part of the state. The oryx is considered an exotic species and is not … Read more

Covid outbreak at daycare, how to handle childcare

covid outbreak at daycare

I received the dreadful call the day before Thanksgiving that there was a Covid outbreak at my daughter’s daycare. Her main teacher and several students tested positive. This article is about how to handle a Covid outbreak at daycare. If you receive a call that your child’s daycare has positive cases of Covid, your initial … Read more